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from: Bentham eBooks <>
date: 22 July 2014 17:17
subject: eBook Series on "Law"

Bentham Science has been publishing journals in the field of science, technology and medicine for the last several years and many of our journals now carry impact factors, please visit our website ( for further information. We are now also publishing eBooks in various fields of science, technology, engineering, medicine, business management and social sciences; please visit our website ( to view our eBook titles.

In view of your important contributions in the field of “Law” we are pleased to invite you to edit an eBook series in an emerging hot topic area in your field.

If you are interested to edit an eBook series then kindly send us your CV, one page abstract along with a justification why you consider it important to publish an eBook series in the field. Prior to possible acceptance your proposal will be reviewed for its importance and sales potential by a neutral panel of international experts.

Your responsibility as an editor, for each volume, would be to solicit chapter contributions from active, eminent scientists, largely from the advanced world, with a focus on an important theme of current interest. Each volume is expected to have about 300-400 pages with contributions from about 15-20 scientists. The first volume of the eBook series would be due to the Publisher by second quarter 2015. Subsequent volumes in the series would be published every year after evaluation of the sales performance of the previous volumes.

Some salient features of our eBook publishing program are summarised below:

1. Royalties: Editor(s) earn a 7% royalty on the sales (list price less any discounts) of the print and electronic version of the eBook. However, no royalty is due on sale of individual chapters or pages viewed and downloaded.

2. Discounts: Editors who wish to buy the print copy of their eBook are allowed a 25% discount off the regular print-on-demand copy price.

3. Entitlements: Editor(s) and contributing chapter authors are entitled to a free copy of the eBook when it is published.

4. Language Editing and Figure Improvement: Editor(s) may avail language editing and figure improvement facilities. For details please contact at

5. Peer-review: All proposals and manuscripts are subjected to a neutral peer-review prior to acceptance and any recommended changes or revisions will need to be addressed.

6. Open Access / Limited Open Access: Editor(s) / author(s) may also have the eBook series or any of its volumes or even individual chapters published as open access’. For details please contact at

7. Submission: We require the book to be submitted in a ‘word format’ and images/diagrams in separate files also. Please follow our author guidelines when preparing your eBook.

For more details please visit our website

Please feel free to contact me for any further information.

We look forward to your acceptance of this invitation.

With kind regards,


S. Naqvi

Editorial Director

Bentham eBook

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