Saturday, 17 November 2012

Gillian and Adrian Bayford

DONATION !!!!! From: Gillian and Adrian Bayford !!!


Greetings.... I am Mr Gillian Bayford from Suffolk UK. My wife and I won the biggest Euro Millions Lottery Prize of £148 million GBP. It is a thing of joy for us; Hence the need to setup our Charity Foundation. We both concluded arrangements to make cash donation of £990,000.00 GBP to five(5)lucky individuals and ten(10) Charity organisations around the world.

To verify the genuineness of this email and our winnings, please see our interview by visiting the web page below;

Your email address was submitted to my wife and I by the Google Management Team and you received this email because we have listed you as one of the lucky millionaires, Kindly send us the below details so that we can direct our Bank can effect a valid Bank Draft in your name to your operational bank account in your country.
Full Name:
Scan copy of identification:
Congratulations & Happy Celebrations in Advance.


Anonymous said...

I received this message today.

Anonymous said...

I received also today an email from the couple Gillan and Adrian Bayford promising me to be one of the 5 lucky beneficiary of their winnings. They are requesting me my contact details to arrange the transfer of that donation.

Anonymous said...

Also received an e-mail today regarding this matter. Hope they catch the buggers!
Out of Holland

Anonymous said...

Just got an email from informing of their intentions of donating me part of their prize. Rubbish, also taking into consideration that I am located in Mexico City.

jean witton said...

I received this same message today June 11th. I have to wonder if Mr & Mrs Bayford are aware are they are being used to execute this scam. J W. .Lincolnshire

Karen Baptista said...

I just received this email, on my cell phone. Claim I'm selected, 1 of 5 lucky ones, to receive 3 million dollars from each, Mr, and the Mrs. How generous! Put these crooks in JAIL.

Luis Nunez said...

My name is Luis N. From N.Y.C. from the U.S.A. I got a EMAIL saying the same thing, I'm about to be evicted and that's not right for fake hopes.I have 2little girls age 10&11 years old and I prey they catch these people playing with peoples lives when they r realy down and out. Put them in jail.god bless all that got this scam.

Luis Nunez said...

I was sent the same email and we r about to be evicted me and my daughters age 10&11 years old. That's not right giving falls hope and I hope they pay for it

Anonymous said...

I got this email today in canada,scammers
Not Nigrria!Its everywhere.

Anonymous said...

I got this today in an email

Canadian Cutie said...

I live in Canada and I received this today lol still trying months later eh?

Anonymous said... from this adress i got that e mail today. hope that buttholes go into jail for that

Anonymous said...

I received this today, so they are still at it. The peculiar things is that the Bayfords split up just after the win, so they probably wouldn't be sending out joint e-mails, would they?

Anonymous said...

I received the same today through linkedin...

Anonymous said...

I received the same today through linkedin

Nduduzo Sphamandla said...

Eish guys I also received this email and they asked for my I.D,Occupation,Prof of address,Age and occupation.I am lucky cz at first I was tempted but I realized that this is madness and weird too.FROM NDU SHOZI IN SOUTH AFRICA.(0763994734.WHATSAP)