Wednesday, 20 June 2018

Dr Jamie Dimon — /

from: Chase Bank <>
date: 20 June 2018 at 05:30
security: did not encrypt this message

800 Connecticut Avenue
Washington, DC 20006
District Of Columbia.


We have been informed this day by the concern authority to have your fund release process completed otherwise, the funds will be declared unserviceable by the bank and consequently. It's confiscation. Kindly note that this funds was generated by the United State Government from the World Wank, due to rate of scams out there in Africa, the United State Governments has filed a case against the Nigerian Government and all other African Countries involving in scam activities, after the case has been taken to Court, the Law Court gave orders that the Nigerian Governments and all other African Countries to release the total sum of $20 Billion which was tagged Unclaimed Asset Fund. There after the funds has been released from the World wank to the JP Morgan Chase wank, the United State Governments has chosen several United State Citizen who has been defrauded of their hard earn money, and your name and email address was also found on our list.

The time frame is very short and technically, wank transfer is the fastest means of getting this done, so we have reverted to status. Mandate has been issued to a commission namely UNCLAIMED ASSET/ASSETS RE-UNITED, USA here in the UNITED STATE to effect this payment to you using
it's traditional wanking procedure, VIA WIRE TRANSFER and you are to contact the Executive director of JP MORGAN CHASE WANK for the release of the fund to be transferred into your nominated wank account,

If you are receiving this notification for the first ($US25,000,000) which is on your name, can only be paid upon our receipt of your beneficiary identification security transfer CODE which is GN6720XN for clearance of the fund. Send it immediately to us for instant accreditation of your proceeds into your account as listed below.

1) Your full name:
2) Phone, fax and mobile:
3) Address :
4) Profession:
5) Age:
6) Marital status:
7) Copy of your any valid ID card.

Ensure you contact Dr. Jamie A. Dimon with all your Full contact details regarding of your Fund and get back to us for more information.

Dr Jamie Dimon
Phone - (773) 917-5660.
Reply To this Email:
Chairman of the Board and Chief Executive Officer of JPMorgan.


Unknown said...

I have just received an email like that and the amount is of U$ 1.500.000.

Joey's Blog said...

I just got same message

Redwood Squirrel said...

I just received this email!

Unknown said...

I received the message on October 6

Bigjim0531 said...

I got one for 20 billion dollars and his salary is 29 million but he’s going to give me 20 billion how stupid are these people

Lisa Herrera said...

I got one too

Unknown said...

I just got one phone number 281-584-6368

Unknown said...

I got one!

Unknown said...

I just got this same email

Unknown said...

Got it too

Unknown said...

I Wani Raphael from Papua New Guinea received same on 23/01/2019 is that messages true or false(scam)

Unknown said...

Wani Raphael received same message