Thursday, 31 October 2013

Miss. Seline Muluzu Williams


Miss. Seline Muluzu Williams <>

Dearest one,

I know that this proposal will come to you as a big surprise considering the fact that we have not had any formal acquaintance before or met in person but all the same I want you for the sake of God to give this an immediate attention in view of the fact that the security of life and possession is at stake.

I am Miss. Seline Muluzu Williams a 24 years old girl from war ravaged SIERRA LEONE but presently leaving in Abidjan Ivory coast with my brother David who is 16 years old. My father Dr.John Muluzu Williams who before his untimely assassination by the rebels was the Director of SIERRA LEONE Diamond corporation (SLDC).He was killed in our government residential house along side two of my other brothers, two house maids and security aid, fortunately for me and my younger brother including our mother we were on a weekend visit to our home town. A as we got the news of the tragedy, we immediately managed to ran! into neighboring Ivory Coast for refuge.

In the same vain, as Faith would have it we lost our dear mother after a month we lost our father as a result of what the Doctor called cardiac arrest.

As we were coming into this country, we had some documents of a deposit of $28,500.000.00 USD made by my late father in a security and trust company, according to the note we found in our father's brief case, he intended to use this f u n d for his international business transaction after his tenure in office but was unfortunately murdered.

If you can be of any help to our present situation, i will like to explain to you fully our intimidated situation in my last email when i read from you.

I await your response.

Miss. Seline Muluzu Williams

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