Monday, 8 April 2013

Sister Christa Davina

Thank you and God Bless


I am personally honoured, in my role as an ambassador for Disabilities and Carers, to discuss issues of great importance with you and particularly people with disability, their families and communities. There is nothing wrong with progressing disability inclusive development in the communities.

My name is Christa Davina a Native of Rome and a widow. Married to Late Doctor Zakaria Ghazi, am formerly a Muslim and later Converted into Christianity after the death of my husband and my only son during the war in Baghdad-Iraq when i discovered that i have LEUKEMIA (BLOOD CANCER), because i got to know that wealth without Christ is vanity upon vanity.

I believe that in our unique Christianity way, we are people with traditional values that recognise sharing, caring and loving each other, families, friends, the elderly and those members of our society that are deprived, disabled and denied. They desire to have the same opportunities as everyone else to living fulfilling and productive lives. With the release of the first ever World Report on Disability in 2011 i came to know that 15% of the global population has disability, 80% of whom live in developing countries.

A sizeable population you and i cannot ignore and who in most part live in poverty and haven‘t had the chance to go to school, to work, to attend church or cultural activities, or even to have the chance to vote in national elections. The reality of this situation demands our collective action now more than ever as ultimately success will be judged by the real differences we make in the lives of people with disabilities.

It now brings me great pleasure to donate some money in your care for Christianity Evangelism and support for the disabilities, orphanages and Charity homes around your Community, for if you have to die says the Lord, keep faith and I will give you the crown of life. May God be glorified as we work together towards the vision and ensure that disability can live the life they choose to lead.

God Bless,
Sister Christa Davina

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