Thursday, 15 February 2018

David Green Chuka —

from: David Green Chuka <>
reply-to: David Green Chuka <>
date: 14 February 2018 at 22:57
subject: Attention dear Benficiary your urgent attention is needed
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Attention dear Benficiary your urgent attention is needed

Attention dear package owner my name is Mr David Green Chuka a retired agent of FedEx delivery company dear some days ago i received a call from my old company FedEx were by they need me there retired agent for a delivery of a package which were to be delivered to you but was handed over to the dhl delivery company and they could not carry out there obligation of getting the package to you so it was later marked as an abandon fund but was released some days ago and was also approved by the federal high court of justice Benin Republic the origin country of this your package and i was called to get it delivered to you and bellow is the content of your package that is here with me worthy sum of 15.5 millions of united states of dollars and some golds inside the consignment box which i have all the legal proofs here with me so am now in your country and am at the airport now kindly get back to me cause am still at the airport now but will be leaving to your home soon so kindly get back to me with your full current delivery information's such as.

Your full name....
Your nearest airport...
Your city......
Your PHONE....
Your current home address
And a scan copy of your ID

And bellow is the content of your package .
Weight of Original Certificate: 1.13kg
Weight of parcel: 500.70g
Total weight of Parcel: 800.90g
Total Net weight of Parcel: 1000.200g
Colour of Parcel: silver
Parcel Packaging: Bonded

And Bellow are the shipment codes of this your package
Shipment code gjk0 4dwq
Package registered code NO ovx710.
Security code yetu/8503 wez/933/
Transaction code 7106/jlyw/8462/17065/
Certificate deposit code mcbs/pdt/7-2/51

And you are to contact me back immediately as i do not have much time here to stay due to my age i await your immediate response and please call my head office with the bellow phone line +229 60300332 let them know that i have arrived in your country cause am trying to contact them but i could not reach them thanks.

David Green Chuka
FedEx Rtired Agent
Benin Department

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