Sunday, 22 September 2013


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SunTrust <>

Dear Customer,

Take a moment to view your Online SunTrust Statement at
To access your statements, Click . You can view, save or print your statements.

SunTrust requires you to:

*Review your account statement regularly and report any unauthorized or suspicious activity promptly to SunTrust within 60 calendar days of the transaction first appearing on your statement.

*Take care to not leave your computer unattended while using SunTrust Online Banking. Once your banking is completed, sign off and close your browser before leaving your computer.

*Never share your SunTrust Online Banking User ID and password, or other personal account information (including your account number and ATM PIN). Sharing this information constitutes a misuse and therefore, all transactions initiated by those with whom you shared information will be considered as authorized by you, regardless of whether you intended those transactions to be made.

Contact us

If you notice any unauthorized activity in your account or believe your personal account information has been compromised, please contact SunTrust immediately at 800.227.3782.

To learn about SunTrust’s Online Banking Security Guarantee, call 800.382.3232.

Please do not respond by e-mail to this message. E-mail replies to this message are routed to an unmonitored mailbox.


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