Tuesday, 9 July 2013

Mr.Gavinivo Azah


Mr.Gavinivo Azah <>

Compliment of the day, I have been expecting your response regarding the collection of your inheritance entitlement with the deposits bank .This instructions was filed and issued by your late relative according to her final inheritance Will document who listed your name/Email as her next of Kin on her transaction handling with the bank .Which read and I quote That the sum of $1,500,000 USD must be remitted to you immediately after her death as kept with the Metropolitan safe treasury deposits bank

Please I will like to know if you have hired Dave Hudson as your representative towards the collection of your Inheritance with the deposit bank ? Because according to him, he said you have requested and hired his legal services as your representative here in London towards the collection of your $1.5Million USD inheritance estate cheque funds entitlement.

Please henceforth, you are to discard any unwarranted response from any agencies/groups claiming they have your inheritance fund collection in their possessions .Because we have been having a lot of reports that some person(s) are trying hard to make the collection of your One Million five hundred thousand United states dollar cheque on your behalf with the deposits bank,claiming that you personally instructed them to make the collection of your fund. That is the main reasons why the bank is insisting you make the collection now before it gets to the wrong hands.



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