Tuesday, 9 July 2013

Miss. Marie Avis


Dear senior friend,

I am Miss. Marie Avis, Iraqis based operational girl, I confide on your profile that you will not let me down in anyway and decide to tell you everything about my confidential business opportunity since I cannot transact alone.

I work at Triumphant Food Court, US . Camp Balad East, Balad Iraqi around the U.S. military base in Balad, (Balad Airbase) about 60 miles from north of Baghdad and based on my good cooperation with soldiers in the airbase, a huge amount of U.S. Dollars was recovered by my top military pals and they brought it to my office and after sharing the fund my cut is twenty One Million, Five Hundred Thousand United States Dollars Only ($21.5million) and it was delivered to London United Kingdom by Red-Cross Aircraft by special arrangement and it was safely deposited in a bank for safekeeping’s in London.

Hence my age and class in the society prohibited me to claim the fund myself, I sincerely considered your high influence as big advantage and choose to front you to receive the fund while we share the fund 60% to me and 30% will be given to you, while 10% will take care of expense we incur at the end of the transaction.

See website:

If you are interested in this transaction please reply immediately and I will gently detailed you on how we will change the documents related to the fund to reflect in your name for smooth and successful transfer of the fund to you without problem.

I sincerely assure you this business is 100% risk free and for more familiarity attach are my international passport.

Yours Faithfully
Miss. Marie Avis

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