Sunday, 3 March 2013




Do not be surprised and please forgive me If this business proposition offends your moral values and pray that this mail finds you and your family in good health,I am president John Dramani Mahama.It is by faith i disclose this vital information to you hoping you will be faithful,following the uprising in Libya a convoy mine our with me included were in Misurata to secure our interests,assets and Ghanians in Libya a week before the war escalated between pro Gaddafi soldiers and rebels in Libya,I was among the West African United Nation delegates assigned to have peace dialogue with President Gaddafi,on that mission i met Late Omar Ali at a function,At that time Mr.Omar was desperately in search on how to convey 12 million united dollars contained in two safety deposit box,as he was planing to leave the country with his family.

After Mr.Omar explained his situation and worries about leaving Libya for good with his family of three, compassion grew in me to assist with my good office,he paid instantly a demand of 12 thousand united states dollars for delivery and security of his money contained in the safety deposit box to a contact of his in London whom at that time was with him in Libya but,was to leave two days before the arrival of our delegate in London,as you may know the UN has immune to deliver unchecked packages into any member country hence sealed by the UN,days later.after the departure of my delegate,It was confirmed that Mr.Omar and his family died at their home in Misrata following a bomb blast that took hundreds of lives,further investigation discovered Mr.Andrew Daniel Frazer was with them at home when the blast occurred.

I have no trace of anyone related to him and my delegate might start getting suspicious of the box as to why no one has receive them after months,if i report that the consignment is yet to be delivered my country will have the diplomat return and confiscate the consignment as UN unclaimed assets,i bet you that will only go for the records but, the whole amount will be shared amongst people who have no good plans for such money,i have few days left to confirm the consignment has been delivered or have our delegate return it to the nearest UN base,the delivery was registered strictly confidential so the diplomat has no copy of identity of whom is to receive it nor when the person will call to receive the consignment, the receiver must provide two codes and a specific name written under the third seal which,only i know about.

I shall direct you on how to communicate with the diplomat and have him deliver the consignments at your address,10 percent in total will go to you for any expense incurred and 90 percent to me for providing the information,reply reconfirming your deliver address,phone number,age and gender and i shall send you all that you need to get the consignments across to you;attached is a copy of my delegates ID.



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