Sunday, 3 March 2013

Mrs. Maureen Frank

RE: Authentication On How To Credit Your Account With The Sum of GB5,800,000.00‏

Mrs. Maureen Frank <>

Barclays Bank PLC
1 Churchill Place
London, E14 5HP,
United Kingdom

Dear Customer,

I am in receipt of your mail, the information are well noted, read my first mail carefully.

Meanwhile you are advised to contact Barrister John Alfred Bak an accredited Attorney to Barclay Bank plc, He is the only Authorized Attorney that will assist you to procure the Said Non Residential Clearance Certificate.

Note: that you are not going to pay any Bank charges/fee to Barclay's Bank Plc in other to receive your funds, because the payment instruction receive from the Offices concern is to pay you upon the receipt and confirmation of the None Residential Clearance Certificate.

You are advice to contact Barrister John Alfred Bak with the details below,

Contact: Counsel John Alfred Bak.
Tel: +44-703-596-9239
Fax: +44-871-218-5011

He will assist you to get the None Residential Clearance Certificate.

It will cost you &#1032;280 to get the Clearance Certificate, Barrister John Alfred Bak is in position to tell you, kindly follow his advice in other to get the clearance form and have your funds transferred to any account of your choice.

After you have the Non Residential Clearance Certificate, kindly forward it to this office for immediate release of your funds.

Yours sincerely,
Mrs. Maureen Frank,
Head, International Banking Division,
Barclays Bank PLC, UK

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Anonymous said...

John Alfred Bak also goes on Facebook as a scammer - Army Sergeant talking to women to obtain money etc.