Saturday, 23 March 2013

Dr. Noel Stephensen

Delivery Payment Arrangement of Fund......

Dr. Noel Stephensen <>


Firstly, I wish to introduce myself as a sympathizer of your situation. I am the comptroller of fund movement terminal and director of national warehouse where abandoned fund/valuables consignments are dumped. This is to inform you that a fresh arrangement was made by me to conclude the shipment of your consignment of funds to your country. I choose to do it and make sure it has left the shores of Lagos-Nigeria already before contacting you. I found out that this consignment has been lying here because of lack of contact and none payment of delivery cost which I have taken care off before sending it out.

Why I decided to use my connections as the delivery/shipment officer in charge of the national security warehouse of African union (AU) in Lagos-Nigeria. (This is where all the abandoned consignments from every part of Africa are kept at the orders of the African Union Leaders for seizure or destruction.

Therefore, this letter is highly confidential and top secret. For this reason, you must not inform anybody about this letter or my contact with you. You must keep my relationship with you to be topped secret and highly confidential because as I have dispatched the consignment to air Courier Company that is situated in London where the delivery will come from to your designated home address, so no one should know that the fund has left to avoid raising an eye brow.

Conditions of this Delivery

1. You must keep my relationship with you highly secret/confidential.
2. You must not expose all the above information to anybody.
3. You must be willing to act fast on any information, directives and advice from me and the air courier company in London.

Note: I know the content of the box because I am the one who packaged it and make sure that it is delivered to the Air courier company in London for onward delivery to your home address. I know the reason why I send this package out is because the African Union may confiscate the fund without you or me benefiting it.

Therefore, further details will be furnished to you as soon as I receive your reply; meanwhile more contact information of the courier company such as their email telephone and fax number will be furnished to you for onward contact to them.

Yours sincerely

Dr. Noel Stephensen
National Security Warehouse
African union (AU)

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