Saturday, 28 January 2012

Mr. Martins Cole

from: Mr. Martins Cole.
date: 28 January 2012 11:33
subject: Reason And Remedy

Kindly to read the through the attached mail for more information
Mr. Martins Cole.


From: GI-Finance (Group) UK (Customer Relations) 
Address: London W1B 4NB, UK. 

FILE REF. # GIR/975310/OX1/11
TRANS CODE: 000550911/LIOYDS-UK/11
AMOUNT: US$5,600,000.00 DOLLARS


Sorry, we were unable to obtain clearance for the transfer of your fund from the UK financial Services. 

Reason And Remedy: 

Due to the controversies in several attempts made by your numerous representatives on bank to bank wire transfer of your fund in to your designated account instructions were strictly placed on the following payment option. 

ATM CARD PAYMENT. In this case, the above indicated total fund will be loaded in an approved ATM Card in your favor for a maximum withdrawal of US$5,000 dollars every day. 

Having confirmed this amount in a sundry account with the Intercontinental bank, we ought to process the above payment option following the United Kingdom financial procedure for proper accountability. 

Finally, you are required to provide us with your residential or mailing address and direct contact numbers while, your urgent response is highly needed, as your fund may be referred to the treasury after the specified given period. 

Mr. Martins Cole.
Foreign operations
Tel: 44 7924545313.