Friday, 9 February 2018

Mrs Clara Anita / John Nze —

from: Mrs Clara Anita <"www.">
reply-to: Mrs Clara Anita <>
date: 8 February 2018 at 09:45
subject: Dear valued customer,
security: did not encrypt this message

Dear valued customer,

The Ministry of finance have today approved your first payment of $5.000.00 out of your total scam victim compesation fund sum of $850.000.00 from money gram head office in USA. All we need from you now is just your information such as your

1,Your Name--------
2,Your Country--------
3,Your Phone Number------
4,Your occupation--------
5,your home address-----

Here is the reference number of your first payment,
Reference number:.....#82019338
Senders first name.....John
Senders last name......Nze

You can verify the reference number in any money gram office near you or by tracking it on our  website with this link, ( track). Just fill the reference number

The status now shows Available for pick up by receiver because this amount has been on the system for security reasons, since I did not get any reply message from you after sending you several notices with the transaction details to enable you pick up your Reference number Now, you are strongly advised for the last time to go on today

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