Friday, 12 January 2018

Mrs.Janet L. Yellen / Donald McGrath —

from: Mrs.Janet L. Yellen <"www.">
reply-to: Donald McGrath <>
date: 12 January 2018 at 07:06
subject: You can call us or text SMS this number +1(817) 918-7305
security: did not encrypt this message 

Dear customer.

This is to notify you that your Recompense fund as approved by the Federal Reserve Bank have been transformed into an atm card and mailed already to you. Because we did not receive a confirmation of your mailing address before the dispatch took place, it was mailed to a counterpart here in USA whom voluntarily agreed to receive it on your behalf through DHL after paying your mailing fee. Below are the tracking details:

DHL Website: www.
Tracking number: 6823380549

Note that the delivery had been on transit but only arrived a while ago. You're to contact him and let him have your mailing address where he shall mail the card to. Kindly note that you're to refund him the $200 which he paid on your behalf before the mailing took place for him to mail the card to you. Send the fee of $200 to them via this below information. You are to use below information to send the required $200 through western union or money gram or Walmart to Walmart transfer to proceed the transfer process immediately.

Receiver, Donald McGrath.
Country, United state of America.
City, Lowell Massachusetts.
Amount, $200 only.
mtcn from sender........

You can call us or text SMS this number +1(817) 918-7305

Contact him through the e-mail: ( ) and call them this phone number +1(817) 918-7305. His name is Mr. Donald Mcgrath and his wife is Barbara Mcgrath. You must thank them very much since they saved you from loosing this recompense ATM card worth $4.7million united state dollars which was almost canceled as a result of your negligence.

Let them tell you how to send them back their refund of $200 and make sure you send it to them so that they will mail your card to you.

Confirm receipt of this e-mail.


Mrs.Janet L. Yellen

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