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subject: Invitation for The Open Journal of Criminology & Sociology
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A new journal entitled The Open Journal of Criminology & Sociology will be launched in November 2017 by the Synotec Publishers. This is a peer-reviewed open access journal.

The Open Journal of Criminology & Sociology seeks to publish peer-reviewed expert review/research articles in all aspects of criminology and sociology and it is a valuable source for intellectuals dealing with the various aspects related to crime whether its criminology, sociology, anthropology, psychology, law, economics, politics or social work and penology. The journal aims to be the leading forum for expert review and research articles in the field.

We are currently asking for and receiving papers for the inaugural volume. In recognition of your outstanding reputation and contribution in your field, we would like to invite you to submit the full manuscript by November 15, 2017 via email at

By submitting your article to the journal you will benefit from:

• Open Access – articles are freely available online
• Rigorous peer review (within 4 to 6 weeks)
• Immediate publication on acceptance
• High visibility
• Retaining the copyright to your article

To enable the journal to make all of its content open access, The Open Journal of Criminology & Sociology levies an article processing charge (APC) for each manuscript accepted after peer review.

Please feel free to contact me if you have any queries. If you think that anyone from your colleagues will be interested in submitting his/her work to the journal, please feel free to ask to contact me.

I hope that you will encourage the efforts and the success of this new journal.

I am looking forward to your positive response.

Thank you.
With kind regards,

Dr. Garry Coventry
Editor in Chief
Website: Synotec Publishers

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