Saturday, 19 August 2017

WESTERN UNION / Pastor James Otumba / Daniel Martin —

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date: 18 August 2017 at 21:32
subject: From The Desk Of Daniel Martin.
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From The Desk Of Daniel Martin.
Attention: Beneficiary,

The International Monetary Fund wishing to officially notify you once again of this status via your email address as our previous letter to your home address mailbox was returned undelivered,therefore we use the above email/letter to inform you that a cash payment for Tax-Refund of the over due accrued interest of your contractual- inheritance payment,I wish informed you that we have concluded arrangements to effect your payment of $1,500,000 Million Usd through western union Swift Money transfer services today,but the maximum amount you will be receiving every day starting from today is $5,000 Usd according your state or country's international financial transfer regulation as reflected in our transfer system daily until the funds is completely transferred.

This special arrangement is being used to avoid all scrupulous demands by both the states and federal authorities that have previously delayed your payment till date; we shall need your maximum co-operation to ensure that strictness and confidence is maintained to avoid any further delays.

The above arrangement has been signed and endorsed by United Nation,International Monetary Fund given credence that this transaction is devoid of any form of illegality.

Please contact the Accredited Western union Agent for the details of your first payment of $5,000 Usd according your state or country's international financial transfer regulation and reconfirm your correct details that you will like the first transfer to be program with such as Receivers Name,destination where you will like the transfer to be send to and your cell phone number for urgent communication if the need arise.

Note that the Director payment needs these details from you to process your payment:

(1) Receivers Full Names..
(2) Country/City....
(3) Mobile Phone...
(4) Occupation....

Please Note That the transfer has been programmed already,all you need to do now is to secure an International Transfer Remittance Form as stated in imf international transfer act which will enable us transfer your first payment today.

Upon your acceptance we will give you the contact information of Daniel Martin the Electronic Transfer officer of western union transfer service for immediate programming of your first transfer:

Agent Name:Daniel Martin
Office Tele:+22967629916

Thanks for your Prompt Response.
Pastor James Otumba

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