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Attention Beneficiary Email ID,

I am Mrs. Nancy Viola.The Homemaker that wins Mega Millions jackpot of US$169 millions at New York Lottery office in January 30th 2016 and to avoid fraudlent notice, see my interview by visit link bellow: :.

We just started international charitable donation campaign as we will be give a donation sum of Nine Million six Hundred Thousand United States Dollars each to improve the life of three Lucky individual from any part of worldwide.

And your Name and email address was submitted to us by the Google internet management teams as a webmail User and your name is among those listed to receive the donation payment sum of US$9.6 Million through the help of Exchange State Wank Corporation Headquarter in 3992 E Chandler St,Carsonville, Michigan 48419 United States of America

According to arrangement we sign: Dr. Dave Kirkbride, The Executive Vice President of Exchange State Bank Corporation Headquarter here in United States of America will contact you as soon as your draft check worth US$9.6 Million is ready to enable them send you the payment through wank to wank wire transfer to any of your wank account information you may provide to them.

Therefore, contact the bank management Executive Vice President yourself with below information before 24hours today to enable quick releasing the donation payment to you because wank is always engage with many customers wank busineses.

Contact Person: Dr. Dave Kirkbride.
The Executive Vice President
Exchange State Bank Corporation Headquarter
Phone:..... +1 810 936 5964
Mobile: ....+1 810 515-7689

Dr. Dave Kirkbride also always receive text message at +1 (810)936 5964 for wank business only. You can text him anytime about your donation payment because too many fraud use email address.

So you must make sure you contact Dr. Dave Kirkbride direct once you read this mail message for more information because the donation US$9.6 Million sign in your name now is 100% genuine with due process of law, and it is well free from all illegal activities which you have the lawful right to claim your donation fund as soon as possible.

And If you are receiving this notification for the first time, the ( US$9.6 Million ) can only be paid to you upon the receipt of DONATION CODE: [ NANCY+2017/GIFT/TWO+W ] to the wank Executive Vice President.

Congratulations & Happy Celebrations in Advance,

Best Regard.

Mrs. Nancy Viola
Homemaker wins Mega Millions jackpot. :.

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