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from: Peter AXTENS LLB <>
date: 21 March 2017 at 15:46
subject: generating employment opportunities for our Graduates
Signed by:
encryption: Standard (TLS)

We have been writing to a number of key people like yourself to propose ways of increasing employment opportunities for Graduates and non-graduates

Are you the appropriate contact for “Information and Communication Technology [ICT]” Projects within the University of Technology Sydney [UTS] ?

In 2002 UTS was the host sponsor for a number of OIC education seminars to do with the New South Wales State Government tender for an On-line Local Government System that was to utilise XML applications

C 10 Dec 2002 LZIG - UTS - Response to Questions to "Local-e" Tenders
B 22 Nov 2002 XZIG - UTS - Central Host or Networked Local Government Systems
A 12 Nov 2002 XZIG - UTS - NSW "Local-e" Tender

The OIC submission to this tender was based on a very successful 2001 contract between the OIC and the Federal Government Department of Employment, Workplace Relations and Small Business [DEWRSB] to conduct a series of On-line Surveys with 173 NSW Councils demonstrating the importance of understanding and implementing XML [eXtensible Markup Language] applications for On-line Business

In 2000 the Federal Government had become a member of the OIC to further the knowledge and implementation of XML On-line Applications as OIC members had developed an XML Application called Tender Information Management Services [TIMS] which provided Market Intelligence analysis of Tenders

In 2003 a Consortium including US companies IBM, Microsoft, Sun Microsystems and SAP as well as Australian Companies Red Wahoo and TEDIS had received an Aus Federal Government Grant to develop a B2B XML Invoicing system called BizDex for the Australian Wheat Board [AWB] for its Grain exports to Countries like Iraq

However during 2006 an evaluation of the Australian Government On-line Tendering process using the Australian XML On-line “Name & Address” Standard [AS4590] owned by Red Wahoo it was discovered that the software house Red Wahoo engaged by the Government Body had developed both a “simple address” and a “complex address” format in the same Standard {Ref Organisation for the Advancement of Structured Information Standards [OASIS] International Conference in Sydney Oct 2006}

It transpires that, as it was an International Conference, the United Nations XML standard [EDIFACT] was also investigated and that also had a “simple address” and a “complex address” format in the same Standard !

On 22 Dec 2006 attendees at the Seminar resolved the issue on with a proposal that the Complex Address version should always be used for all eBusiness On-line Applications particularly as a number of Climate Change Carbon Credits web-pages used the simple address version in 2008-2012

Subsequently the conference Legal Sub-committee proposed that the format of the Uniform Civil Procedures Rules [UCPR] 2005 (NSW) should be used as the standard format for all eBusiness applications particularly for those involved with Local Government


A considerable number of ICT projects have been identified in a number of industries which we would like to share with the appropriate UTS contact

If it is not yourself please advise who we should contact. Thank you

Yours sincerely

Peter AXTENS LLB (Retired) Stephen GOULD
Chair - NSW Digital Economy Review Cmt Chair - On-line eBusiness Promotion Cmt

B: PO Box 517 Neutral Bay Junction 2089
M: {61}(0)416-009-468

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