Wednesday, 1 April 2015

Terry Newberty —

from: Terry Newberty <>
to: Recipients <>
date: 1 April 2015 at 23:35
subject: Thank you.


We understand you had attempted to claim this consignment funds but unfortunately you worked with people not in position to help you. Obviously the Rocket Cargo Agent. Mrs. SUSAN WILLIAMS whom you are going to meet in person would require you come with some logistic fees for necessary authentication of your back up papers to your funds. This amount i will find out and update you promptly. Meanwhile, we advice you begin to make plans to come to New York . Please furnish us with any form of your identification either a driver's license or international passport i.d prior to your arrival and Endeavor to let us know the exact date you will be in New York so I may book a telephone conversation appointment with Mrs. SUSAN to speak to you for more clarification. You hereby advice to stop all communication with every other official has your consignment is not longer in their possession. In the interim please accept our congratulations in anticipation. Do provide below information.

Your address,
Your photo id,
Your telephone number,

while waiting for your urgent response.

Shipment details.
TAG#: BJ2661428986
REF: B762661428BJ
REG NO: 0229BJ
RECEIPT NO: 339331,
BATCH NO: 55674

Waiting for your urgent reply.


Terry Newberty

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