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From Wikipedia, the free encyclopædia:
Nova Science Publishers is an academic publisher of books, encyclopædias, handbooks, e-books and journals, based in Hauppauge, New York. It was founded in 1985 in New York by Frank Columbus. On his death in 2010 at age 69, his wife Nadya Columbus became the editor-in-chief. 
In an evaluation of twenty-one international social-science book publishers that attempted to determine the market penetration of publishers on international markets and the mentioning of their books in international science index systems such as Cambridge Scientific Abstracts, Nova Science Publishers ranked 17th out of 21 publishers. The Dutch Research School for Socio-Economic and Natural Sciences of the Environment (SENSE) ranked Nova as a C-publisher, along with some University Presses. The lowest rating possible among the "refereed book publications" ranking
Library professionals have warned that Nova's books "do not go through a standard academic peer review process despite their academic focus." Nova has also been criticized for republishing old public domain book chapters and freely-accessible government reports, while providing insufficient indication of the nature of the content, making them seem as though they are new standalone journal articles or monographs
Librarian Jeffrey Beall, maintainer of Beall's list of Potential, possible, or probable predatory scholarly open-access publishers has written that Nova Science Publishers is "not a predatory publisher, but it is a bottom-tier one".

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