Sunday, 15 March 2015

Carol Marcum —

from: Carol Marcum <>
date: 15 March 2015 at 21:00
subject: From Carol Marcum

Calvary Greetings,

I am Carol Marcum, a widow suffering with illness for a very long time now. I inherited estates which have been sold from my late husband when he passed away, my family were involved in the same crash that claimed their lives. Once they passed away, the world came to an end for me as shortly after the news as I was completely devastated when I was diagnosed with cancer.

I inherited the sum of $4,100,000.00 USD (Four Million One Hundred Thousand). I made a few researches and found your contact information and prayed over it before contacting you. All I require from you is your assistance, honesty and God fearing to handle the inheritance I acquired to use for Charitable organizations and the good work of God.

Please I want you to remove from doubts and negativity as the Lord works in ways we cannot understand and Yes, Miraculously he changes lives through other people. Matthew 16:8 says "Which when Jesus perceived, he said to them, O you of little faith"

Kindly reply me to confirm that you are able to assist me with this project so I will send further information about everything.

In the Lord's Service,

Carol Marcum.


Randle Snell Jr said...

I got the same one today. Sent a worm in my reply

Michelle Dillard said...

I got one today

Tey said...

My Name is Katrina and i received this email today. Have either of you recieved a response back from this person yet, I'm about to contact the authorities to see if i can find out whom this is coming from. If this is a host, i find it disturbing that someone will go to this extreme. I pray whom ever this person is, thy find what they are looking for.

Angela Treadway said...

I got this email and 2 more responses. Will not tell me how got my email

Eric Blue said...

I got t I got to say and it wouldn't let me a photocopy of it but positivity and such how do I send a worm back?

Anonymous said...

I got it today