Thursday, 11 September 2014

Barrister Duke Cavalli — / Mrs Margaret Loughrey —

from: Barriester Duke Cavalli <>
date: 10 September 2014 18:46
subject: Warm Regards

My name is Barrister Duke Cavalli, Lawyer to Mrs Margaret Loughrey of Carlton Drive, Winner of EuroMillion Lottery, won the sum of 26,863,588.20 Pounds, My client wants to give away ten Million pounds to 10 people around the world which they have to us in there county, so am contacting you now because you where among 9 others who benefit from Mrs Margaret Loughrey, you can check online for verification,

Now all you have to do is forward to us your information so we can verify you before release of cash worthy 1 million Pounds.

Kindly get back to us for further information on claims.

You can always contact Mrs Margaret Loughrey on her email:

Get back to me because am in charge.


Barriester Duke Cavalli

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