Tuesday, 19 August 2014

Robert Cornford / Dr. Thomas Best —

from: Oxfam GB (UK) International® <>
reply-to: Thomas Best <>
date: 19 August 2014 17:10

Dear Email Owner,

You have been entitled to £350,000.00 Great Britain Pounds as a charity donations/aid from Oxfam GB (UK) International donation scheme.

Further information on the processing and disbursement of your grant entitlements, alongside the provision of your qualification documentations, will be disclosed to you by the National Secretary of the foundation, Dr. Thomas Best.

Please contact him with your Qualification Number[OXG /101/231/BDB] as soon as possible.

Dr. Thomas Best

Oxfam-GB, United kingdom.

CONGRATULATIONS! once again from all staff and board members..
Yours faithfully,
Robert Cornford

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