Saturday, 23 August 2014

Mr. Ahmed Usman —

from: Mr. Ahmed Usman <>
date: 23 August 2014 08:55
subject: URGENT

Attention: Friend,

I know this letter will come to you as a surprise knowing that we have not meet each other face to face. My name are Ahmed Usman the personal assistance to President Hosni Mubarak formal president of Egypt who resigned from office after eighteen days of mass protects by the people of Egypt.

My reason of contacting you is that I want to set up a business venture oversea and I am looking for a trustworthy person that will help me set up the business and I don?t want my name to be used in the setting up of the business. And after my search for a credible and trust worthy person to help me I decided to contact you.

Please kindly confirm your willingness to help me so that I will forward all the details in respect to this project to you. Do reply to my private email which is

Thanks and remain bless,

Ahmed Usman.

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