Thursday, 3 July 2014

Mr.Sadiah Azzah — /

from: <>
date: 3 July 2014 14:43
subject: RE: THANKS


It's likely this message will make you start wondering if what I am saying is the truth especially with the high level of scam mails going around all over the internet. However, please I need you to trust and believe me.

My Name is Mr.Sadiah Azzah, a 40-year-old rebel from Libya. Presently, I am in Post war rehabilitation center in Misrata, Libya. Please keep this message absolutely confidential. I need truthful Person that will receive on our behalf a consignment. The consignment contains eighteen million united state dollars ($18m usd) all in Cash.

On 24th August, Wednesday night, we the rebels blasted through the green gates of Moammar Gadhafi? Bab al-Aziziya compound in Tripoli and we found a lot of trucks inside Moammar Gadhafi rooms and I and my three squad members located one box and on closer examination confirmed the box to contain raw Cash tag beside the key luck 18m usd and because there were confusion, we were not able to count the money inside the box because cash in the box is much and the currency note is in USD$, . We moved the box containing the money out from the compound and deposited the box in a Security Company in Libya where they were registered as personal effects and later moved to one of the security company in Ghana where it was safe guarded waiting until we contacted a foreign beneficiary.

This is a link about other fund of Gadhafi seized by the British Government. We do not want them to take over this one. As at now, this box is safe in a security Custody:

We now look for a foreign beneficiary who will help us to receive this money outside Libya for investment. We cannot use this money here for security reasons. That is the only reason we are asking for your help. I want you to help us receive the money on our behalf and assist us to invest the money in your country.

At the moment NATO Diplomatic Service hurtles and Red Cross Planes flays in and out of Libya making sure peace finally returns to libya All we need from you is to accept and keep this matter absolutely confidential. Please keep it secret as we want to come there and live quietly without people noticing that we have come with huge fortune.

If you are not interested in this transaction and should you decide not to assist us, kindly keep all details of this email to yourself. Looking forward to hearing from you.

You can as well reply me back here :(


Mr.Sadiah Azzah.

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