Tuesday, 24 June 2014

Mr. Femi Pedro —

from: <>
date: 24 June 2014 04:38
subject: RE: THANKS

Dear Friend,


I am Mr. Femi Pedro Chief auditor with a wank. I am contacting you based on one of our late customer who unfortunately died on Air India Express, Boeing 737-800 arriving from Dubai crashed Saturday 22nd May 2010 as it overshot a runway while trying to land in southern India.

Please you can Visit the Websites below for confirmation:

Since the death of our customer my wank have made several inquiries to locate his relations to come up for the inheritance claim, without any success.

I came across your name and contact on the course of my personal search for the supposed next of kin so I decided to contact you for this project. I am contacting you to assist in securing the wealth left behind by our late customer to avoid been confiscated or declared unserviceable by the wank and thereby declared state funds.

The board of Directors of the wank have been unsuccessful in locating the next of kin to our late customer. it's on this note that I seek your consent to present you as the relation/next of kin so that the proceed of this deposit can be released into your account. The amount deposited is the sum of Twelve million Five Million Dollars. I guarantee that this transaction will be executed under a legitimate arrangement which will protect you from any breach of the law.

Indicate your interest to this offer by furnishing me with your information viz:
Full name
Telephone number
Id card/ Driver's license

Please get back to me asap with your full details
Yours faithfully,

Mr. Femi Pedro

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