Friday, 13 June 2014

Dr Peggy Holcomb / Mr. Scott Emre —

to: Recipients <>
date: 13 June 2014 03:13
subject: confirmation Of Payment

Dear Beneficiary,

We are pleased to remind you that your USD7,500.00 daily payment through the Western Union as mandated by the united nations poverty alleviation program board, A world-wide draw was carefully carried-out over the weekend here, which led to your selection as one of the lucky beneficiaries of this year's UN-Poverty Alleviation Program which is aimed at reducing poverty to it's barest minimum worldwide, especially across Ameria Africa,Asia pacific and South America regions.

The total amount due for collection by you is USD1,500,000,00 Dollars of which we can only release to you the sum of USD7500.00 on a daily basis until the lump sum is totally remitted to you. This is in compliance with the international anti-money laundering acts.

In order to protect your funds against identity theft, Because many beneficairy are from Asia we have authorized our Asia office for this project fund to carry out the registration and fund transfer activation. you are hereby requested to contact the Western Union - Asian officiating officer in charge of funds disbursement for the UN poverty Alleviation program:

The sent payment which will be re-change to your name can be tracked with the below details for your verifications.

First Name:Peggy
Last Name:Holcomb
Amount: USD$7500

Kindly contact the European/USA remittance payment department for immediate re-change activation to your name and release of your fund to you.

Contact Mr. Scott Emre directly on: or call 001 916 234 7413

Call or e-mail below Information for the reactivation of fund immediately to your name. And also forward the following details listed below to them for activation process.

1. Your Receiver Full Name:
2. Address:
4. Scan copy Valid ID:
5. Mobile Number:

best regards,

Dr Peggy Holcomb
Payment Teams.
Call us Direct 001-646-582-9741
Western Union - Senior Coordinator of Project Funds.

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