Wednesday, 9 April 2014

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Dear Friend

from: Yomi Yoda
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date: 9 April 2014 20:30
subject: Dear Friend

Exxon Mobil House Ermyn Way Leatherhead Surrey, KT22 8UX. Dear Friend I am Mr. Yomi Yoda, representing the operation and corporate affairs in contract related matters of Exxon Mobil in London( Exxon Mobil is one of the World Largest oil producing and Management Company with over 1.2 Trillion pounds Capital contract Investment. As a senior operational and corporate affairs representative of Exxon Mobil that handle contract related matters, I successfully over invoiced a contract few years back which is not known by anybody and, I need your full cooperation and partnership to re-profile this contract funds amounting to 10.5M.Euro to your name as the contractor that executed this contract in Asia few years ago. The fund will be paid to you through a Bank transfer where it is presently deposited, as soon as the filing and documentation process is concluded in your name because the contract was executed by Exxon Mobil United Kingdom in Asia. Most important, you will be required to fill your data's stated below to enable me arrange legal documents that will proof you as a sole contractor with EXXON MOBIL: (1). Stand as the beneficiary / contractor with Exxon Mobil to receive the funds as I will present you before the firm with legal documents. (2). Receive the funds into a business/personal bank account in your country. (3). At the completion of this transaction, the sharing rates shall be 60% for me, 40% for you. (4) Full Names; (5) Contact Address: (6) Direct Telephone No: (7) Occupation: (8) Age and Marital Status: Note: Do not contact my office number or company email for security reasons. Get back to me as soonas possible For more details about the funds. Best Regards. Mr. Yomi Yoda, E-mail Operation and Corporate Affairs Officer Exxon Mobil London.

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