Friday, 7 March 2014

Mr Johnson Douglas @yahoo

Dormant accounts with AAA/AA+ bank rating

from: Mr Johnson Douglas
date: 7 March 2014 22:29
subject: Dormant accounts with AAA/AA+ bank rating

Dear Friend,

This might seem very deplorable for a person that you do not know but as the title implies. I am Mr Johnson Douglas, an accountant by profession. I'm sorry to intrude your privacy, but the circumstances on ground leave me with no choice than to request your loyal partnership to help act as confident Claimant of this Millions of (GBP) laying in Dormant accounts with AAA/AA+ bank rating.

Please I need your aid to file in for a claim worth millions which you'll part with 40% of fund after the claim. I have full confidential bank official arrangements to these dormant accounts as I cannot disclose names of these banks now until you demonstrate acceptance.

Please feel very free to log through the web address below for more
details of Dormant bank accounts; One of our client by name Mr. Paul Louis Halley who was one of the richest man in France but does most of his business in London has several accounts which has gone dormant. This website will give you comprehensive picture of what I am talking about

We have received a mandate and instructions from the (BTDOFAC) British Treasury Department's to commence the immediate release of funds laying in those Dormant accounts through one of the following payment options stated below depending on your choice:

An account will be used to deposit/disburse the money (Bank Transfers/Bank Draft/ATM CARD) received from any of these Dormant accounts. Setup of new or existing bank accounts is the major reason why I need people who are not directly related to us in any way, to be our partner for confidential and security reasons.

I am very positive that the entire claim course of action would not take longer than (7) working days. Thus, I appeal your enthusiasm to join me on this claim.

You can contact me via my e-mail for security reason and for further details for now. In the event of you not being interested in this proposal, endeavor to keep this highly confidential!

Awaiting for your reply soon.

Yours Faithfully,
Mr Johnson Douglas

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