Saturday, 8 March 2014

Lt.Gen. Joseph Henry Smith @yahoo @gmail

From Lt Gen Smith

from: Lt Gen Henry Smith
date: 8 March 2014 06:00
subject: From Lt Gen Smith

I want you to know that I am contacting you as a partner and a friend, I deposited your fund with Global securities in the United States which is set for delivery to you, I will want you to contact them with this email below: the fund am talking about is clean and spend able 5 Million United States Dollars, this fund was moved by me to the global securities because I cannot get proof you are the bona fide beneficiary now that I have secured some documents, I will want you to get back to me and I will tell you what to do on how this fund can be transfer to you, please get back to me ASAP.
Lt.Gen. Joseph Henry Smith.

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