Monday, 3 March 2014

Jose Anita / Mr.Daniel Alex

Ref No:KCB/00Y/2014 Transfer of: $USD4,500,000 Very urgent reply

from: kibou
date: 3 March 2014 03:07
subject: Ref No:KCB/00Y/2014 Transfer of: $USD4,500,000 Very urgent reply

Beneficiary of email id.
I wish to notify to you through this medium that your outstanding transaction has been perfected and the fund release application as earlier made in your favor has been approved. The approval was granted this morning by the appropriate department.

Meanwhile, due to the bureaucratic bottleneck that has militated against the completion of the direct transfer of this fund to your account in past, an arrangement has this morning been concluded with our affiliate bank in Kenya to carry out the transfer. We resorted to this arrangement in order to avoid some bureaucratic challenges which emanates when an international transfer has been unnecessarily delayed.
In a nutshell. your detail information has been forwarded to the bank, and you shall be contacted in due course for further directive on how you should receive the fund. However, you should remain advised to cooperate with them as to facilitate swift transfer of this fund.

Finally, to hasten up the transaction, state below is the detail information of the affiliate bank for you to contact the bank and then remind them of your fund with them.

Address:P. O. Box 48400–00100, Nairobi Kenya
Tele::+254-707-032-620, Fax: +254-20-22164055
Payment director::Mr.Daniel Alex

Kindly furnish your details as stated below.
Full name:::
Home address::
Phone numbers::
Bank credential::
Once more I wish to commend your mutual cooperation on this transaction and do be in touch with me as you deal with the Kenya Commercial bank.
Jose Anita

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