Thursday, 20 February 2014

Mrs. Patricia Maria Howard

Hello my beloved in the lord.

from: Mrs. Patricia Maria Howard.
date: 18 February 2014 23:23
subject: Hello my beloved in the lord.

Hello my beloved in the lord.
I am Mrs. Patricia Maria Howard, from republic of Ireland, born in the state of Ohio USA. I am legally married to Mr. Michael woody Howard, a south Africa citizen born brought up in Switzerland, I live in itzerland with my husband for 32 years before we move down to south Africa in 1985 after my husband retirement in 1974, I am 71 years old by the grace of god, I am a new Christian convert, suffering from long time cancer of the breast. All indication from my doctor that my conditions is really
deteriorating and it is quite obvious that i wouldn’t live more than two months, my dear husband was involved with the January 2000 Kenya airways plane crashed as you can see on the news line web site.
I choose you after viewing your profile and i have confident in you because i have prayed. I am willing to d o n a t e the s u m of $20.5m U.S dollars, to the less privileged. May the grace of our lord the love of god and the fellowship of god be? With you and your family?
I await urgent reply.
Remain blessed,
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Mrs. Patricia Maria Howard.

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