Thursday, 6 February 2014

Mr. Danladi Kifasi


from: Ministry Of Petroleum Resources
date: 6 February 2014 10:10

From: Mr. Danladi Kifasi
Director: Ministry Of Petroleum Resources Payment
Remittance Center
ABUJA Nigeria

Dear Beneficiary,

This letter is from Ministry Of Petroleum Resources Payment Remittance Center a Financial Service Authority under the direct supervision of the Ministry of Finance of the Federal Republic of Nigeria/in Conjunction with the United States Of America Government.

This body was set up to discover and take over and reapropriate outstanding Accrued Interest from the crude oil transactions that was done with the NNPC (Nigeria National Petroleum Company) with foreign Companies and Individual contractors over a percentage of PMS supplied to the Government.

You have been passing through a lot of difficulties in seeing to the release of this fund, This has been the handwork of some corrupt officials in the finance department holding unto your the funds for their own interest.

You are hereby informed that a part payment of THIRTY SEVEN MILLION UNITED STATE DOLLARS (US$37M) has been approved yesterday.

It will interest you to know that this discovery is of utmost urgency and a mandate has been given to this body by the Ministry Of Petroleum Resources Payment Remittance Center to ensure that this fund gets to you without any delay.

Note that a special payment arrangement has been made with our Escrow Agent to transfer the said fund to your Bank account or alternatively come in person to our payment outlet center in Africa to sign the release payment of your fund.

You are hereby advised to urgently furnish to this office with your detailed information to enable us open up communication with you regarding the release of your fund immediately.

The information required from you to enable us process your payment is as follows.

(1) Your Full Name:
(2) Residential Address:
(3) Phone, Fax and Cell Phone Number:
(4) Your Private Email address:
(5) Occupation:
(6) Company Name:

You are to forward your information to this e-mail address:

You are advised to contact us immediately with the above requested information for further details.


Yours Truly

Mr. Danladi Kifasi
Director:Ministry Of Petroleum Resources Payment
Remittance Center

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