Monday, 27 January 2014

Mrs Ruth Byrd

Spam RES:

from: Mrs Ruth
reply-to: Mrs Ruth <>
date: 26 January 2014 22:36
subject: Spam RES:

Good day ,

I am from Norway, but resides in Africa for ten years as a business woman who is based with cotton exports. I have no children or relatives , and since we have the same last name, I have now decided to transfer my money to you as an inheritance. Now I 'm going to die without a family and without a child. My mind is not at rest because I am writing you this message through the help of my doctor next to me here in my hospital room. I have $ 2,700,000 USD also in Centra Bank of Africa (CBA ). I want you to receive this money from this bank and use it to help the less priviledged people in your country, but you have to assure me that only 60 % of the total money is for you to keep for yourself and give the rest 40 % for charity and orphanage in your country for my heart to rest.

After receiving the e- mail that you are ready to execute my plan , I will instruct the management of the bank here to make a direct transfer of this money to your bank account.

I hope to hear from you soon as time is not on my side !

Your friend ,
A woman suffering from ovarian cancer

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