Friday, 17 January 2014

Mrs. Gayleatha William / Mr.JAMES B. KELLY

From Western Union Money Transfer,

from: Mrs. Gayleatha William <>
date: 17 January 2014 00:49
subject: From Western Union Money Transfer,

From Western Union Money Transfer,
Attention to you personally:

Are you ready to pick up this $4,500.00 sent today? We have concluded to effect your payment through Western Union $4,500.00 daily until the $1.8 Million is completely transferred to send your name,address and your information to our agent including phone number now.

Kindly Contact Western union Agent:
TEL: +229 68222816

Though, Agent JAMES B KELLY. sent you $4,500.00 in your name today in my present, so contact him and tell him to give you the MTCN, Sender name with the question and answer to pick up the $4,500.00 immediately.

Mrs. Gayleatha William

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