Saturday, 18 January 2014

Jerry F.Lean / Kelvin Dye / Tom Kelvin

Hello My Friend

Hello My Friend,

Hope that you are fine,well i just want to inform you that i was able to get a friend from USA who has assisted me in getting the funds across to him for the investment projects and i must say thanks for your attempt to help me in this regards and besides i did not forget your interest to assist me,though it failed because you felt that i was trying to scam you,but God knows that i was trying to be a friend and a brother.

Well,i have sat and decides that i will compensate you with $4.5MILLION DOLLARS,which i gave to friend of mine infact i told him to contact you and make sure that he release the grant to you,his name in Kelvin Dye,i cannot do that because i am under security conscious like you know previously.

Finally,here is my friend Email- OR, if he has not contacted you,get in touch with him and take that little token from me,May GOD bless you:

Waiting for your reply,

Jerry F.Lean

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