Wednesday, 15 January 2014

James Black

Investment Proposal

from: James Black <>

date: 14 January 2014 02:33
subject: Investment Proposal

Investment Proposal
Dear Sir/Madam,


I wish to use this medium to solicit your support as a foreign partner, to assist my client and I. Presently, I work for a UK based consulting firm in my capacity as the Operations and Business Development Manager and has been on this job for 10 years now. I am on Commission Agreement with this company which is not suitable for my living as far as global recess is concern; I have given my company many customers across the globe, but got nothing to show for it in return for my hard work and dedication.

Recently however, an opportunity came to me through a client who is a retired bank director from the Central Wank of Republic Du Benin-Cotonou .He is an old man of 80 years and has given me the mandate to invest the sum of ($15Millon) Only on the condition that I can manage this fund in a viable venture for his grandchildren. But I have decided to put you as my boss in my company that we can manage this fund for him he trust me. He has signed an agreement for me that this fund will be in our possession for 10 years investing the fund in any sector of economy and we have our own percentage too.

I want to do this without the knowledge of the firm in London, and I have also submitted a letter of resignation to my company, because if I bring this opportunity to them again they will not compensate me. What I need from you is that I will use your name as my boss so that this man can release this fund to both of us, He only want to see your name as a foreigner. This does not require any Experience from you I will do everything in the transfer of the fund and all documentation with the assistance of the lawyer so that everything will be legal.

PLEASE YOU SHOULD TAKE NOTE OF THIS MESSAGE. I DON’T ASK YOU FOR MONEY OR SEND MONEY TO ME. I am only to clarify this for you to understand the genuity of this partnership, and nothing will be done until the both of us meet PHYSICALLY I will details you the meeting place and position of this fund, Once I receive reply from you I will fly from united kingdom to meet the Old man so that we can conclude things with him .

If you are interested send this information as below:

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James Black

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