Saturday, 28 December 2013

Mr/Mrs Gillian .A. Bayford


From Mr/Mrs Gillian A.Bayford <>

Season greetings dear friend,

This message is from Mr/Mrs Gillian Adrian Bayford to reach out to you. we know this is unbelieveable but by the grace of God we have being blessed and we also want you to be part of our blessings as my wife and I Bayford have won a Jackpot Lottery of One hundred and forthy eight million six hundred and fifty six thousand pounds (£148,656,000) and as God leads, we have decided to be a blessing also to others. so we are donating $2miliion USD each to five (5) lucky people, for more details, please kindly REPLY us Via Email: {} Or call +44 701-0071-114 you can click on the link below for Confirmation:

We await your kind responds and God bless you

Best regards.

Mr/Mrs Gillian .A. Bayford.

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