Monday, 30 December 2013

Mr.Michel Freeman

Re: Russian Crude Oil Merchants

Mr.Michel Freeman <>

Sir, There is some set of a very wealthy set of Russian Crude Oil Merchants based in Russia. Presently they are been prosecuted by the Russian Government over Fraud which of course I know they will be eventually go to Jail for a period of 15 years according to Russian Law, but the fortunate thing is that it was quick for them to have arranged the funds to move into a Trust Account in the U.K where one of my old friend is a signatory to also due to my Diplomatic Position. Now, that the funds are in the Trust, I will not want a situation whereby the Russian or British Government will start any questions, so you need to join me in this deal to move the funds from the Trust Account to your Account in any part of the world. Do not worry about the security details, I will handle that aspect, and you should handle the trans-remittance. For this deal, I will consider to let you have your consideration. The Total Amount in this deal is Fifty Million U.S Dollars. Let us discuss more over the phone, not all details should be discussed on email for security reasons. Please reply so we can proceed further +447053846339. Best regards MR MICHEL FREEMAN

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