Tuesday, 24 December 2013

Costco Shipping Manager

Delivery Canceling

Costco Shipping Manager via 


Unfortunately the delivery of your order COS-0071036265 was cancelled since the specified address of the recipient was not correct. You are recommended to complete this form and send it back with your reply to us. 

Please do this within the period of one week - if we dont get your timely reply you will be paid your money back less 21% since your order was booked for Christmas. 

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Anonymous said...

Just received similar from two other addresses. Costco Shipping Manager * Costco Shipping Manager . Appears similar Delivery Failure scams re other shippers have also been sent from these addresses.
They are very dangerous.

David Berg said...

I have received this from and from other sources that ended in .se. I called Costco who told me to delete it as it was not from them, but I cannot believe that they aren't trying to find the source and stop this.