Thursday, 28 November 2013

Victor Yulov

CONGRATULATION!!!Regarding The $22.5ha

JSCB© Citi Bank Ukraine <>

International Banking Services
16G Dymytrova Street,
03150, Kyiv
JSCB© Citi Bank Ukraine Crediting International Remittance Notification.
Attn: Valued Beneficiary JSCB© Citi Bank Ukraine,Eva Hurley , of Gillian &
Adrian Bayford Charity Donation. (File No: Citi65775/8#/Bayford
Your Ref:..............


Whats going on and why havent we heard from you in regards to your $22.5m?We have been instructed by The Board of Directors of The Bank to conclude your transaction with immidiate effect.Its important you act fast and get back to us immidiately.
For further processing of your funds,you are to reconfirm your details including your contact details and Telephone number.
Awaiting your urgent response.

Best Regards,

Chief Accounting Officer(Local/Foreign)
Branch Manager
Victor Yulov,
International Banking Unit,
JSCB© Citi Bank Ukraine

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Anonymous said...

yea , victor keeps e-mailing me about 22million dollars that i supposily won! (Bull Shit) I am not paying him anything he thinks i need to send him upfront money to send me the 22million