Monday, 11 November 2013

Dr. Ali Modu

Call The Agent At 702-347-4663, He Has Arrive With Your Cash Funds And ATM Card.

Diplomat Harry Brooks <>

Contact details email
Call Agent USA phone number 702-347-4663 or send text at +229-6886-6493.

Attention Beneficiary,
Your ATM master card contains your Funds in cash has arrived your country through UPS courier Company agent Mr. Harry Roberto. The agent Mr. Harry Roberto is currently at JFK International airport NY with the packages contains the ATM master card and a Package contains $100,000.00 Dollars in cash.The total Funds is $350,000.00, US Dollars. One hundred thousand Dollars is in cash in a Parcel and two hundred and fifty thousand US Dollars is in ATM master Card. The secrete number of your ATM card is (3535) as we agreed; the Delivery will be will completed to you tomorrow morning.

Bear it in mind you Have to pay customs clearance stamp duty of $89 Dollars because without the Stamp the 2packages will be intercepted by homeland security operatives on Arrival into your state and in order to avoid any delay or disturbance on Transit the package must bear the comptroller general stamp duty and this will Avert any disturbance and inconvenience and will ensure safe and Successful Delivery of the 2packages contains the ATM master card, cash and The ATM card note book that teaches how to use the ATM card and amount permitted For withdrawal daily.Info on how you should send the required $79 Dollars for the customs clearance stamp duty is as follows,

receiver name ... Mike Promise
Country... Benin Republic
City.... Cotonou
Text Question...Our Lord
Answer ....Is Good
Amount.....$89 Dollars

You can withdraw from the ATM master card $3600.00 in Three transactions in three different banks. Most important: reconfirm your full name; home address and your phone number were to make the Delivery. You can contact the agent Through the following info ; ( ) or Text and Call him at +229-6886-6493 or his NV 702-347-4663. I will not be reach till Nov 20 2013. Contact the agent urgent for the delivery of the ATM Master card and Cash Funds and let me know once you receive it okay? Wait your vital Response.

Dr. Ali Modu Sheriff Director Due Process Unit.
Contact details email
Call Agent USA phone number 702-347-4663 or send text at +229-6886-6493.

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