Monday, 25 November 2013

Cho Jaehyuk

for your information..

Cho Jaehyuk <>


Further to the execution of the mandate of our commisson, and in accordance with the specifications of the Foreign Investment Act, Asia; all numbered accounts reconciliation for stock market investors here n Asia have been finalized.

Your file reference AICC-X15574/TX9, has been submitted for the remittance authorization of your accumulated investment returns for period starting April 1995 to January 2012.

Do be notified that your privacy status as specified in your MUTUAL FUNDS and H.Y. INVESTMENT CONTRACT (KS11/HSI/N225/SSEC/JKSE/TWII) remains totally respected. Your fund remittance is been duly processed accordingly.

Upon your acknowledgement of this correspondence, providing your direct contact details, we shall proceed to complete the fund release authorization for your payment.

We appreciate your investment in Asia and hope our foreign investment protection efforts, especially during the global economic downturn, would encourage your future invetsment ventures in Asia.

Thank you for your prompt response.
Yours truly,

For your Information

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