Thursday, 3 October 2013

Dhakir M,shakour

Re: Hi

Dhakir M,shakour <>

Dear beloved,

Please I want you to see this mail as Gods connection to you, because I have been long searching for a God fearing person who I can trust and have faith in whatever I will do with him or her.

I am Dhakir M,shakour from Syria,the son of M,shakour Karim,an oil and gas business merchant. Our parents were killed in the Syria war when they were trying to escape to meet us in Malaysia. Our Father deposited 23.6 Million U.S Dollars with Global Security and Finance Company in Malaysia, for safe keeping and before his death he instructed that I should claim it to look after my only sister and myself.

My junior sister and I are now in Malaysia, to notify claims of the fund. We intend to invest this money abroad, hence my contacting you is to advise us how best we can invest the money in your country, and to stand for us as the security company has refused to release the fund to us because of our age, and ask us to get an elderly man or woman to stand for us and claim the fund. So we are pleading to you for your kind assistance and elderly support to get the fund released to us.

We have all the vital documents covering the deposit fund and the ownership which I can send on request.

Please send your direct phone numbers for more information on your reply.

Thank you very much for the anticipated acceptance while I expect your prompt response.

Best regards,
Dhakir M,shakour

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