Thursday, 15 August 2013

Mr. David Zhou


David Zhou <>

Dear Sir/Madam,

Would you like to work online temporarily and earn extra constant payment while you focus on your normal life and business? We are glad to offer you a job position in our company as an online representative of ABRAHAM FAVOUR BOOKSHOP.

Abraham Favour Bookshop has being a leading rental & sales of books in Africa & Asia. Abraham Favour Bookshop the student hub, connects students to schools and scholarship, textbook rentals and digital textbooks, course scheduling and reviews, online homework help and more. Our promise to students is to help them save time, save money and get smarter.

YOUR ROLES ARE: Receive textbooks from our warehouse and dispatch to end users in your region, who have either purchased or rented textbooks online. The delivery charges on every books you ship to customers have already been paid for by ABRAHAM FAVOUR BOOKSHOP as every cargo comes with a Fedex shipping labels and delivery instructions. You be paid 10% of every book sales and rental that was delivered through you to our buyers in your region.

To apply, simply send to Us the below information's to

*Full Names:
*Your Present Occupation:
*Company Name:
*Position Held In Office:
*Marital Status:
*Phone number:
*Contact Address:

NOTE: This program is currently open to Individuals above 20years and co-operate bodies within Europe, Canada and America, as we are currently trying expand our market base and help control unemployment and poverty in this regions.

We hope to hear from you.

Yours Faithfully,
Mr. David Zhou.
Managing Director,
SE Sanlitun Rd,
Chaoyang, Beijing
The Republic of China
T: +8610 8405 4273
F: +8610 8405 4273

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