Monday, 15 July 2013

Tony Adebowale

Reply Imediately

Adebowale <>

Dear Sir

There is a new development regarding the immediate release of your long overdue payment without any further delay. After the recent meeting between world bank and stake holders in Montreal Canada last weekend ,a special payment task force of bank professionals was initiated to offset all overdue debt above 2 years without any charges or fees.As agreed on the concluded meeting, all charges and fees will be deducted from the principal sum being released to beneficiaries. The payment task force will be responsible for all hotel expenses incurred by beneficiaries for the duration of stay while in Montreal Canada.

Based on the above information, your name was selected among the beneficiaries to receive the first quarter payment in Montreal Canada on 18 july, you are requested to be present in montereal to sign your fund release order with immediate effect from the date of 18 to 2 weeks duration.

Your immediate response to the above information will enable us to continue with protocol/ logistic arrangement to receive you in Montreal Canada.

Yours Sincerely
Tony Adebowale

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