Wednesday, 5 June 2013

Ms Aishah Ahmad


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Dear Sir,

I am Ms Aishah Ahmad, a Syrian citizen, residing in African . My father was killed in Homs city of Syria and his business office burnt down because of his support to the rebels (The Syrian National Council) who is currently fighting to liberate the good people of Syria from the misrule of President Bashar AL- Assad. The rebel leaders have tried all they could to persuade President Bashar AL- Assad to conduct a free and all inclusive election but he refused and decided to go to war against the citizens he is pretending to govern. If President Bashar AL- Assad thinks that he is popular, he would have accepted to have a transitional committee and general election will be conducted and who wins will at-least bring peace to Syria.Anyway, let me not take your time with the situation in Syria as my family was mostly affected. I lost my father- Sheik Abu Ibrahim Ahmed, his company in Damascus and most of the family’s asset because the forces royal to President Bashar AL- Assad claimed that my father is supporting and financing the rebels and as such,I am currently in African where I am schooling one of our family attorney informed me that there is $9.5million dollars which my father have in bank and he has willed the money on my name I want you to assist me to invest this money in your country because of the Crises in my country right now I cannot go back, for your assistance I will give you 30% of the money if you are interested to assist me get back to me for more details,

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Thanks for your anticipated cooperation.


Ms Aishah Ahmad

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