Tuesday, 21 May 2013

John Bannerman

Re: To Whom It May Concerns

Joihn Bannerman <>

Kindly review the attached letter and respond

The Sum of US$64million (Sixty Four Million USD) in cash was concealed in a 3 Trunk Boxes and deposited under private arrangement with G4S Security Services Limited operating in the Republic of Ghana. The Original Owner of the Deposit died 9 years ago and ever since the death of the Depositor, nobody has come for the claiming of the 3-Trunk Boxes that contained the cash funds as specified above. I therefore come to you by presenting you as the New Beneficiary in order to claim the 3 Trunk Boxes on a sharing ratio of 50/50 but bear in mind that you will be required to make a trip to Republic of Ghana when the need arises. If you are interested, kindly send me your direct telephone numbers for discussion of this offer in full details.

Truly Yours
John Bannerman

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