Friday, 19 April 2013

Ndani Micheal H


Harrison Onuoha <>

Dear Friend
My name is Ndani Micheal H, I work with an Appex Bank , i have a genuine business proposition which will advance our financial status . I will not give full details of this transaction at the moment unless I receive your response and declaration of interest.

Let me give you a little insight towards my intention. It's for you to receive an ATM MasterCard in your Name and have access to draw funds daily with it through the zenith online POS Channels. There is a secret account which belong to a top Nigerian politician who is presently serving jail terms in United Kingdom.All I intend to do is to configure an ATM MasterCard to the account thereby giving you access to draw fund from the account in your country and also to make transfer online.

This will be successfull once I edit the said account with your full details, Once edited, I will direct you further, Meanwhile if you're willing to work this out with me forward the under-listed details.

Your Full Name
Tel Number

I will use the information to edit the said account replacing the old details with yours then configuration of ATM MasterCard will be processed following my application directives. This account in question is a secret account operated by the jailed politician. None is aware of the existence of this account except his account officer. If you respond I will give you further details.
Ndani Micheal H

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